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Our healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, which leaves needed medical care financially out of reach for millions. Single Payer Medicare for All is the answer - every year it will save thousands of lives, and billions of dollars. It is a moral and financial imperative.

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It’s possible with Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), which eliminates the spoiler effect. Dr. Paglino ran as the Green Party of Connecticut nominee in 2020, and will be seeking the party's nomination again in 2022. We need more than just two parties to have a fully functioning democracy. Imagine voting for what you want most, instead of just voting against what you most fear. It’s not a luxury, it's what we voters must do if we want to see our values represented in government. RCV allows you to do so...without fear.

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End US Sanctions on Cuba: 60 years of Harm
In this month's Q&A, we discuss the history of Cuba with guest speaker Henry Lowendorf of the Greater New Haven Peace Council.  Knowing this history is fundamental to understanding current events in Cuba, including the recent July 11th protests, and the fact that the United Nations has passed a resolution...
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Less Money, More Coverage.
With Medicare for All we can save $450 Billion Dollars a year, and 70,000 lives a year.
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justin4all: Waiting for a (Yard) Sign
Paglino for Congress yard signs are going up around all the district.
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