US House shamelessly passes a $740 Billion Dollar “Defense” Budget

On July 21st, you might not have noticed, the House of Representatives just passed at $740,000,000,000 “Defense” Bill. HR6395.

I put “Defense” in quotation marks on purpose.

We could get more than adequate ‘defense’ for half of this price tag. Who is about to attack us, exactly? Who and what army??

This bill is so colossally overblown and gigantic because it is Graft. It is greasing palms. It is payback.

It is using public funds to buy political support from those who the money is being spent on.

Thus it is theft. You should be angry.

I remind you that the Democratic Party has majority control of the House of Representatives at this time.

As a jobs program, funding the Military Industrial Complex is the WORST jobs program we could have; studies show the cost per job is astronomical.

What we SHOULD have is a GREEN NEW DEAL jobs program: putting people to work greening our energy, transportation, and infrastructure, instead of putting them to work making weapons we don’t need.

Again, this is raiding the public coffers to curry favor and buy political support. This is theft.

This is corruption out in the open. About $100,000,000 or more is spent every year on Defense Lobbying of Congress. 100 Million Dollars a year.

And yes, Representative DeLauro voted for it.

We all deserve better.

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