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  • End US Sanctions on Cuba: 60 years of Harm

    In this month's Q&A, we discuss the history of Cuba with guest speaker Henry Lowendorf of the Greater New Haven Peace Council.  

    Knowing this history is fundamental to understanding current events in Cuba, including the recent July 11th protests, and the fact that the United Nations has passed a resolution every year since 1992 calling on the United States to end the Sanctions against Cuba started in 1960, in response to Cuba's nationalization of US-owned Cuban oil refineries after the US refused to allow these refineries to process non-American oil.  

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  • US House shamelessly passes a $740 Billion Dollar “Defense” Budget

    On July 21st, you might not have noticed, the House of Representatives just passed at $740,000,000,000 “Defense” Bill. HR6395.

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