Ranked Choice Voting is a better way to Vote.

The Boston Globe supports Ranked Choice Voting, and so do I, because I want to eliminate the spoiler effect and have a better democracy.

If you live in MA and you want RCV – vote YES on issue 2.

If you live in CT’s 3rd CD and you want RCV – vote Paglino for Congress!

“By requiring the winner to reach more than 50 percent of the vote, ranked-choice voting ensures the winning candidate is the one with the broadest appeal to the majority of voters. The ability to mobilize the broadest and deepest appeal across the electorate would replace the ability to target a passionate minority constituency, which may be extreme or nonrepresentative from the standpoint of most voters as the key to winning.”

Sure sounds better than the current system, doesn’t it?

I wonder why the two dominant parties haven’t been very… vocal about the fact there is an easy way to end two-party dominance? Go figure.

My opponents in this race don’t support RCV. But I do. Do you want RCV too? Then you have to vote for someone who supports RCV, because that’s how you get RCV.

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