A vote for me is a vote to ban fracking.

We urgently need to Ban Fracking (H.R. 5857), and I’m the only candidate in this race willing to do it.

Hydraulic Fracturing, AKA “Fracking” is a way to force oil and natural gas out of the earth, by pumping a solution of thousands of toxic chemicals deep into the ground under high pressure, to fracture and dissolve shale rock that has fossil fuel embedded within.

You know the old saying, ‘you can’t get water from a stone?’ Well fracking is getting oil and gas from a stone, so the truth of the saying still holds. But just like trying to get water from a stone, fracking is an act of desperation.

Fracking is the act of civilization so desperately addicted to fossil fuel that to get it, we are willing to pump massive quantities of known carcinogens and neurotoxins into the ground beneath our feet – the same ground where we obtain our drinking water.

Oil and natural gas used to be much easier to obtain, remember the Beverly Hillbillies? But such conventional sources are getting used up. Conventional oil production in the lower 48 peaked in 1972. So now in desperation now, instead of pursuing a renewable energy future and all the associated benefits, we have turned to fracking.

Fossil fuel combustion is causing dramatic changes to the Earth’s climate. Do we keep fracking in the face of record temperatures? Do we keep fracking in the face of disappearing glaciers? Do we keep fracking in the face of record wildfires that take our lives? Do we keep fracking in the face rising seas that threaten to submerge the highly developed infrastructure all along our coasts?

I say no. The public says no. My opponents in this race say yes.

Do you want to ban fracking too? Because voting for someone who wants to ban fracking is the way you ban fracking.

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